Apples 2 Apples

No doubt some will call “foul” here because I have used 2 of five examples of what could happen to NOT stock if they lose this Hostile Takeover Attempt.
I omitted 3 of them because they were so vertically extended they would not easily view here. Just leave an email addy if you want to see them and I will link them to you.

While NOT stock is not now under $1.00, I have used a couple of the same formats I used on FREEWEST stock as they tend to be a bit more forward looking than the traditional P & F methodology. Comment below

unfair2NOT11nov09 Number 3unfair2NOT11nov09 Number 4

Basically this is apples to apples, and that works for me None of these charts are perfect but they can provide guidance. Given this, you can see why I will avoid NOT stock like a rabid skunk. Given the pirhanna’s and schlocks it has attracted since RN left in the middle of that screwed up takeover by ROSSEAU ASSET MANAGEMENT and its operator Irwin Warren, I see it totally in the sphere of bad up and down drafts, spurred on by what they do with a stock.

FREEWEST on the other hand seems to be a rock and has a great deal of subtle support that manifests on the charts. Thats my story. Might not be pretty for NOT but as the song says, I think, ” I aint wrong, I aint sorry, and its probably gonna happen again….” !!

Let these apples be your food for thought !

Good Luck.



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