Time to Rock and Roll, so Lock & Load

so many targets, so much time, so limited resources, yes thats what we are all up against
If we could just buy a handful of prospective stocks together and then weed out the dogs at our leisure. So nice, wouldn’t it be ?
The DGS program “AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION”(C), attempts to address this, with selections from what we consider CORE COUNTRY(C), buy inclusion of items with serious positive long term prospects and trends, and riding the trend to a logical exit. Whether its Stocks, Gold, Silver, ETF’s in Nat Gas, Crude, Agriculture or Fertilizer, the program is the logical successor to the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio program.
The Core Country(c) and AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION(c) examples will be in the DGS PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS letter on a periodic basis, to support subscribers to DGS who have a longer term view for their assets.

Generally you will find passworded posts here with my PRIORITY UPDATES, accessible to subscribers. Good Luck

I call this one “ROLLING OVER”


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