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Aug 9 update + table from PPP 1035

August 18, 2010

August 9, 2010 Update STOCK MARKET UPDATE PAGE

Here we have Mz. SWIFTY [ Above ] and Mr. Nasty [ Below] in similar format.

Mz. SWIFTY is going to top out first, reflecting a number of stocks falling below their 50 DMA on the New York Exchange. Then Mr. NASTY will act as following confirmation as the longer term moving averages of Advances and Declines [ Breadth ] start to tumble downward.

Not only are there a lot of divergent cycles manifesting here into the 2nd half of August, which they do virtually every year as the market sets up to exit summer, but there are some seemingly out-of-step trends that are beginning to manifest.

Two stick out at me. Natural Gas to $12 and potential drop in silver due to a liquidity drain, as some of the hints posted on the charts on the next page. Step by step drop in general stock market values and a continuing escalation in gold [ fear seeking safety ], at the other two that go hand in hand with the previous two.

Please note that it went positive on 7/29, a full measure ahead of so many others…………….nuff said