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Aug 9 update + table from PPP 1035

August 18, 2010

August 9, 2010 Update STOCK MARKET UPDATE PAGE

Here we have Mz. SWIFTY [ Above ] and Mr. Nasty [ Below] in similar format.

Mz. SWIFTY is going to top out first, reflecting a number of stocks falling below their 50 DMA on the New York Exchange. Then Mr. NASTY will act as following confirmation as the longer term moving averages of Advances and Declines [ Breadth ] start to tumble downward.

Not only are there a lot of divergent cycles manifesting here into the 2nd half of August, which they do virtually every year as the market sets up to exit summer, but there are some seemingly out-of-step trends that are beginning to manifest.

Two stick out at me. Natural Gas to $12 and potential drop in silver due to a liquidity drain, as some of the hints posted on the charts on the next page. Step by step drop in general stock market values and a continuing escalation in gold [ fear seeking safety ], at the other two that go hand in hand with the previous two.

Please note that it went positive on 7/29, a full measure ahead of so many others…………….nuff said


Protected: Selections fresh from DGS/PPP Grille

July 16, 2010

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Protected: My newly Listed PICKS

July 9, 2010

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July 6, 2010

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June 30, 2010

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Time to Rock and Roll, so Lock & Load

June 28, 2010

so many targets, so much time, so limited resources, yes thats what we are all up against
If we could just buy a handful of prospective stocks together and then weed out the dogs at our leisure. So nice, wouldn’t it be ?
The DGS program “AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION”(C), attempts to address this, with selections from what we consider CORE COUNTRY(C), buy inclusion of items with serious positive long term prospects and trends, and riding the trend to a logical exit. Whether its Stocks, Gold, Silver, ETF’s in Nat Gas, Crude, Agriculture or Fertilizer, the program is the logical successor to the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio program.
The Core Country(c) and AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION(c) examples will be in the DGS PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS letter on a periodic basis, to support subscribers to DGS who have a longer term view for their assets.

Generally you will find passworded posts here with my PRIORITY UPDATES, accessible to subscribers. Good Luck

I call this one “ROLLING OVER”

Protected: CRUNCH WEEK for FWR

November 23, 2009

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Apples 2 Apples

November 11, 2009

No doubt some will call “foul” here because I have used 2 of five examples of what could happen to NOT stock if they lose this Hostile Takeover Attempt.
I omitted 3 of them because they were so vertically extended they would not easily view here. Just leave an email addy if you want to see them and I will link them to you.

While NOT stock is not now under $1.00, I have used a couple of the same formats I used on FREEWEST stock as they tend to be a bit more forward looking than the traditional P & F methodology. Comment below

unfair2NOT11nov09 Number 3unfair2NOT11nov09 Number 4

Basically this is apples to apples, and that works for me None of these charts are perfect but they can provide guidance. Given this, you can see why I will avoid NOT stock like a rabid skunk. Given the pirhanna’s and schlocks it has attracted since RN left in the middle of that screwed up takeover by ROSSEAU ASSET MANAGEMENT and its operator Irwin Warren, I see it totally in the sphere of bad up and down drafts, spurred on by what they do with a stock.

FREEWEST on the other hand seems to be a rock and has a great deal of subtle support that manifests on the charts. Thats my story. Might not be pretty for NOT but as the song says, I think, ” I aint wrong, I aint sorry, and its probably gonna happen again….” !!

Let these apples be your food for thought !

Good Luck.


Protected: M accident

November 2, 2009

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FREEWEST Update, Conversation with MAC 10/29/09

October 29, 2009


[Based on my discussion with Mac 10/29/09]
Freewest’s stock is outperforming Noront’s again this week .Considering Noront has
made an official 4::1 offer for Freewest. Of course with FWR.V trading at .51, and Noront at 1.91,
the market is skeptical of the offer and valuing FWR higher than NOT, and so the offer is passe. THAT WAS LAST WEEK.
This week FWR is trading at 49 and Noront at 1.65, so the discount off the offer is increasing.

Evaluating who owns what its clear that CLIFFS, FREEWEST Insiders, FREEWEST Institutional Holders plus the FREEWEST Rebels hold as Mac agreed, “way more than 51% of the stock.” I think that understanding makes the Noront offer a fools journey, with no more need being said of it.

Speaking of the relative land position of each [ Noront has 4X as much as FREEWEST ],
Mac reminded me that FREEWEST had its choice of what it was going to claim and passed up much of what Noront currently holds, picking the “GOOD STUFF”. This might explain why FREEWEST has
the Lion’s Share of the economic, strategic and logistically feasible, shipping tonnage in the RING of FIRE. He said at this point there is no other resource that anyone would build infrastructure to extract except that controlled by FREEWEST, at this time, in his opinion. Basically we both felt that this was an attempt by Noront to obtain by a sad offer what they failed to obtain by honest work on their own.

Basically he said, FREEWEST wants to explore and EXPLORE MORE and the Noront attempt at an offer is a short term distraction, save any other developments. While rumors abound concerning VALE, BHP, XSTRATA and RIO TINTO, soveign funds were not discussed today, but while FREEWEST is not pursuing other bids, they could still well be in play. I pointed out that
public comment said NO OTHER BIDS FOR FREEWEST were forthcoming was FALSE, since the market bids were considerably in excess of what Noront had to offer, reprsenting a 20% premium over Noront’s offer and far and above any backwards arbitrage differential. Further what tells the story is that Noront continues to trade at the days lows, and FREEWEST, at or near the day’s highs.

From a prospectors view, it was Mac’s opinion that the current Noront does not have what it takes to get development going in the RING of FIRE, as I added that Noront did not want to do anything involving their own cash..

While we discussed other issues, such as a takeover of Noront, they were not really relevant to what is happening now. What Mac did emphasize is the continining close coordination and partnership with CLIFFS, and CLIFFS aid and material assistance in both finance and logistics. I would infer here that CLIFS has no intention of letting anyone in what they must see as their “own backyard”.
Denaliguide & Associates, have long positions in FREEWEST.